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Citizens allocates approximately 18 percent of every premium dollar to pay hurricane and other catastrophe claims. A particularly devastating storm or even a series of smaller storms could exhaust these savings, leaving Citizens without enough money to pay all claims. If this happens, Florida law requires that Citizens charge assessments until any deficits are eliminated.

Assessments are charges that both Citizens and non-Citizens policyholders can be required to pay in addition to their regular policy premiums. Assessments are charged in three tiers, beginning with the Citizens Policyholder Surcharge. Each additional tier is charged only if the level before is insufficient to eliminate Citizens' deficit.

Assessment Tiers

#1 - Citizens Policyholder Surcharge

  • One-time assessment
  • Citizens policyholders only
  • Up to 45 percent of premium

#2 - Regular Assessment

  • One-time assessment
  • Private-market policyholders, including, but not limited to homeowners, auto, and
  • specialty and surplus lines policies
  • Up to 2 percent of the remaining shortfall

#3 - Emergency Assessment

  • Single- or multiyear assessment
  • Citizens and private-market policyholders
  • Up to 30 percent of premium per year until any remaining deficit is eliminated

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